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AVIDO - A tour of our bespoke built valuation system

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Avido was built to provide a very easy to use valuation database system. After 20 years working in the industry it was clear that alternatives were far too difficult to navigate, slow to use and provided unclear results. Covington decided to change that and create something smart, highly secure and very adaptable.

No two clients are the same, so we built our system in such a way that each person, client, business or inventory could be set up to suit the circumstances.
The security and privacy of our clients data is essential. The database is automatically backed up and uses very high level encryption to secure it. Any output documents can be emailed with built in password protection. Hard copies are also possible and can be adjusted to suit. Avido can cope with a single item or many thousands.

Once a collection of objects is catalogued, one click of a button allows output of Insurance, Sale or Probate Valuations. It can also handle Rental reviews, Tax planning and Family division. All provenance, supporting documentation and unlimited images can be included with any individual object. Capital Gains, Museum references and Multiple ownerships can be factored in.

Future implementation will include client access, auction services and potential standalone systems for clients that might want a highly effective inventory management system in house. We will consider licensing the system out to other valuers and appraisers.

Do contact us for further details or a demonstration.
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Avido is built on the FileMaker Pro platform, from Claris. This long supported and highly developed database system has a track record of efficiency and reliability. With bespoke coding and no requirement for add-ons or third party software it ensures a solid and long term data solution.

Our valuation team worked for two years alongside a skilled developer from Tecbyte to build what we think is the best solution available.