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Just Hanging About in Lockdown?

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We've never been busier! Our team kept working safely from home, including the complete re-assessment and valuation of a large Scottish Castle. Over 1200 items were examined using detailed photographs taken before lockdown. Several very exciting discoveries were made, including a wonderful Renaissance sculpture which previously had been overlooked in a back stairwell. We love finding such treasure and every valuation large or small can be an education for both valuers and clients alike!

There be Lions & Tigers Too!

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UPDATE: SOLD FOR £17,445. A very rare chance to buy KPM porcelain. Three fabulous plaques after Old Masters, including this splendidly evocative work by K. Koch for the renowned Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Co. Three exceptional examples were discovered by one of our valuers and consigned for sale with our advice to a major London sale. We always try to place items in auctions where they have the best opportunity to reach a wide audience and with a little luck exceed expectations. On this occasion the 'Gentleman's Library Sale' offered an eclectic range of high quality objects. These plaques were often collected as a memento on 'The Grand Tour', an 18th century Gentleman's tour of Europe widely revived in the 19th century. Follow the link for full details (lots 548, 549, 550) :

A load of BULL !

Do you fancy a rare chance to buy a genuine Stubbs for under £1000? This fabulous print of the Lincolnshire Ox is one of a collection of 18th and 19th century prints and watercolours of cows to be sold at Bonhams 'Gentleman's Library Sale' in February this year. Covington discovered this rare group and advised the client on the sale. Most of the works were listed in the seminal catalogue of such pictures (The Rothamstead Collection, by D.H. Boalch).
See lots 319, 320, 321, 324, 325, 327, 328. 346, 353, 354

George Stubbs

A Mythological Treasure to be Sold

A wonderful opportunity for collectors of the rare and wonderful Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones has come to the market. Sotheby's has an extraordinary group of works by this famous painter. This includes two fabulous original sketches of mythological hero Perseus which we consigned for a client. Follow the link for full details. The auction should prove a show stopper.

Burne Jones

A Newlyn Beauty Discovered

This wonderful painting by Harold Harvey was discovered by our valuer and is a highlight of Bonhams 19th century European, Victorian and British Impressionist At auction in New Bond Street on 26th September. Lot 86.

Harold Harvey


A valuers new hobby! I struck gold with my new metal detector…It seems a Victorian gentleman may have mislaid this charming gold, bloodstone compass fob back in the 19th century, while perhaps heading up our drive in a carriage! If only it could tell us its story. Not of great value…but perhaps could be re-purposed as a locket…

Gold Bloodstone SealGold Compass

Unboxing our new Covington marketing campaign

Covington Leaflet
The postman was ushered into our office with palpable excitement. Unboxing our new company leaflets and stationary…and the relief that comes with seeing the quality and effort realised. No spelling errors found…YET!

A Viking Encounter

Galloway Hoard Gold FlamingoCeltic Gold Cross Galloway Hoard

Our lead valuer Angus has a close inspection of the Galloway Hoard.

Hair standing on end as he caught his first sight….. in his previous role as Head of Scotland for Sotheby's, he led a team to advise on this extraordinary find.

Angus is a Patron of the National Museum of Scotland where the hoard is currently being prepped for exhibition.

For more details click here:

V&A Dundee Opens

V&A Dundee Opening Night

An overdressed valuer heading for opening night at the V&A Dundee! The new building is fabulous! Spacious and ready for visitors from across the Globe. I hope Dundee is prepared…

LInk to their site here:

By Royal Appointment

Scottish Wildlife

A meeting with the locals is always a pleasure.

Our valuers travel extensively in Scotland, in all weathers. It's always a pleasure to discover new lochs and glens…and meet with the wildlife.
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