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A Viking Encounter

Galloway Hoard Gold FlamingoCeltic Gold Cross Galloway Hoard

Our lead valuer Angus has a close inspection of the Galloway Hoard.

Hair standing on end as he caught his first sight….. in his previous role as Head of Scotland for Sotheby's, he led a team to advise on this extraordinary find.

Angus is a Patron of the National Museum of Scotland where the hoard is currently being prepped for exhibition.

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V&A Dundee Opens

V&A Dundee Opening Night

An overdressed valuer heading for opening night at the V&A Dundee! The new building is fabulous! Spacious and ready for visitors from across the Globe. I hope Dundee is prepared…

LInk to their site here:

By Royal Appointment

Scottish Wildlife

A meeting with the locals is always a pleasure.

Our valuers travel extensively in Scotland, in all weathers. It's always a pleasure to discover new lochs and glens…and meet with the wildlife.

Feeding the Horses

The Kelpies. Scottish Contemporary Sculpture

It's a question of Marmite….Love or Hate Public Art?

I personally love the extraordinary Kelpies by Andy Scott. Endlessly patient to the waiting hoards beneath. Brazenly demanding and with a terrifying hidden mythological story to tell. Be wary traveller if you find enticing steeds to ride by mist laden Scottish loch-sides!

You can learn more and arrange a visit here:

Extraordiary Scottish Colourists sell for £5 million

Scottish Colourists and Cadell

In his previous role as Head of Scotland for Sotheby's Angus sells the amazing Harrison collection.

Link to The National newspaper article here:

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