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There be Lions & Tigers Too!

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A very rare chance to buy KPM porcelain. Three fabulous plaques after Old Masters, including this splendidly evocative work by K. Koch for the renowned Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Co. Three exceptional examples were discovered by one of our valuers and consigned for sale with our advice to a major London sale. We always try to place items in auctions where they have the best opportunity to reach a wide audience and with a little luck exceed expectations. On this occasion the 'Gentleman's Library Sale' offered an eclectic range of high quality objects. These plaques were often collected as a memento on 'The Grand Tour', an 18th century Gentleman's tour of Europe widely revived in the 19th century. Follow the link for full details (lots 548, 549, 550) :

Rare Chinese vase raises the bar!

Qianlong Chinese Imperial Dragon Vase

Discovered amongst a collection of spirit bottles, and stuffed with dried flowers, this extraordinary Imperial vase was hammered down at the Sotheby's Important Chinese sale, on behalf of a Covington client, for a cloud touching £1.1 million pounds.

With it's luminous cobalt blue decoration of a five clawed dragon chasing a flaming pearl and its clean and elegant body shape ensured enormous interest on the day. It was a lucky survival found hiding by our valuer on a routine free antiques valuation home visit. Do you perhaps have the pair?
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