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A valuers new hobby! I struck gold with my new metal detector…It seems a Victorian gentleman may have mislaid this charming gold, bloodstone compass fob back in the 19th century, while perhaps heading up our drive in a carriage! If only it could tell us its story. Not of great value…but perhaps could be re-purposed as a locket…

Gold Bloodstone SealGold Compass

A Viking Encounter

Galloway Hoard Gold FlamingoCeltic Gold Cross Galloway Hoard

Our lead valuer Angus has a close inspection of the Galloway Hoard.

Hair standing on end as he caught his first sight….. in his previous role as Head of Scotland for Sotheby's, he led a team to advise on this extraordinary find.

Angus is a Patron of the National Museum of Scotland where the hoard is currently being prepped for exhibition.

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