Covington Fine Art Limited

Unboxing our new Covington marketing campaign

Covington Leaflet
The postman was ushered into our office with palpable excitement. Unboxing our new company leaflets and stationary…and the relief that comes with seeing the quality and effort realised. No spelling errors found…YET!

Feeding the Horses

The Kelpies. Scottish Contemporary Sculpture

It's a question of Marmite….Love or Hate Public Art?

I personally love the extraordinary Kelpies by Andy Scott. Endlessly patient to the waiting hoards beneath. Brazenly demanding and with a terrifying hidden mythological story to tell. Be wary traveller if you find enticing steeds to ride by mist laden Scottish loch-sides!

You can learn more and arrange a visit here:

By Royal Appointment

Scottish Wildlife

A meeting with the locals is always a pleasure.

Our valuers travel extensively in Scotland, in all weathers. It's always a pleasure to discover new lochs and glens…and meet with the wildlife.

Rare Chinese vase raises the bar!

Qianlong Chinese Imperial Dragon Vase

Discovered amongst a collection of spirit bottles, and stuffed with dried flowers, this extraordinary Imperial vase was hammered down at the Sotheby's Important Chinese sale, on behalf of a Covington client, for a cloud touching £1.1 million pounds.

With it's luminous cobalt blue decoration of a five clawed dragon chasing a flaming pearl and its clean and elegant body shape ensured enormous interest on the day. It was a lucky survival found hiding by our valuer on a routine free antiques valuation home visit. Do you perhaps have the pair?
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